Cactus Volunteers

While the City of Cactus waits to hear if they will receive federal funding.

Many volunteers are helping out, some are coming from hundreds of miles away.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente has more on the help Cactus residents are receiving.

A small group of men traveled more than ten hours to get to Cactus, but they say it's all worth it to lending a helping hand.

"Had some minor problems, flat tires and so forth but just ready to come help people in need," says Julian Moreno, a volunteer from Del Rio.

"To go help these people, it's something in my heart I feel lead to do," says Gary Hunt, a volunteer from Longview.

Both men are part of the Southern Baptist Texas Convention, a group that volunteers their time to help those in need.

With chainsaws and axes in their hands, these men went straight to work.

"There's no words for that. Cannot express our gratefulness, they were just up here in a hurry, just look at all of this they have done for us, there's no way we could have done this," says Adela Vargas, a tornado victim.

For Gary, helping out is a way of giving back since he knows first hand what it feels like to lose it all.

"In my lifetime, lost everything to house fire so know how it feels to lose stuff that means a lot to you," says Gary.

The group says they plan to stay at least a week helping in any way they can.