Prostate Cancer Drug

There's new hope for men with advanced prostate cancer.

A high-powered vitamin combined with chemo can help prolong the lives of some of the sickest prostate cancer patients.

79-year-old, David Copeland has advanced prostate cancer.

But a combination of drugs has kept the retired dentist alive and well for four years now.

"I was told by oncologists, twice, that i had two years to live and this was several years ago." as part of the "ascent" trial,

Doctor Copeland started taking high dose vitamin D pills called DN 101

DN 101 is a highly active form of vitamin D. Patients take it along with a chemotherapy drug.

"There's compelling evidence from the laboratory that very high doses of activated

Vitamin D stops cancer cell growth and inhibit and induce cancer cell death."

Researchers say DN 101 enhances the chemotherapy.

Those in the study who took the high dose vitamin d, on average, lived at least 8 months longer than those who didn't take it.

In terms of this deadly cancer, that's a significant amount of time.

"Obviously, we would love to see it be measured in years, but it would, if confirmed, it's the biggest difference in terms of survival in this condition in the history of the research that we've been doing."

Doctor Beer thinks DN 101 could become a new building block in cancer treatment.

As for Doctor Copeland...He's beaten the odds, even over and above the average dn-101 patient, giving him time and health.