Cactus Picking Up the Pieces

Update 4.23.07:

Rescue crews have accounted for everyone in Cactus after the tornado tore through town.

The storm injured at least 14 people in Cactus, one critically.

The city has a dusk to dawn curfew in place.

Cactus residents were allowed back into town this afternoon to salvage what they could.  Vehicles are damaged, power lines are down and homes have been tossed and thrown.  Everywhere you turn in Cactus you see the damage and destruction.

It's a huge mess many people are now cleaning up.  "Everything is gone and I don't know what I'm going to do.  Everything is destroyed," says Victor Contreras, a resident who lost his home.

Another tornado survivor, Concepcion Sanchez adds, "We're very lucky we're alive, but we lost everything."

Contreras and Sanchez did leave their homes before the tornado hit, but others were not able to get out in time.

"We were trying to get outside and all of the sudden the walls fell in and we just got on the floor and everything just fell on top of us.  The first thoughts [I had] were I think I'm going to die," says Wilfredo Munoz who was inside of his home when the tornado hit Cactus. 

Now all the residents say that they can do is try to move forward.  "We're just going to try and make the best of it and hopefully pretty soon we'll be back on our feet," says Oscar Villanueva who also lost his home.     

"Well I guess we're going to have to start a new life," says Munoz.

A curfew is in place tonight for those who live in Cactus.  No one is allowed to travel in the town between dusk and dawn.