Weather Damage Across the Panhandle

Courtesy of Andrew & Billie Moody
Courtesy of Andrew & Billie Moody

Right now there are scattered power outages throughout the panhandle area.  Xcel Energy tells NewsChannel 10 that they are working to get power back to these areas as quickly as possible.  However they are having trouble getting to some of the hardest hit areas because of road closures.

There are reports of severe tornado damage in both Tulia and Cactus.

In Tulia traffic is not allowed through the town.  NewsChannel 10 has received reports of overturned trailers near Highland Elementary.  The Ford dealership in Tulia has also suffered damage and the Alco Discount Store is completely destroyed.

In Cactus police tell us that there are many injuries and a lot of damage.  U.S. 287 through Cactus has also been shut down on north and southbound lanes.

Also new tonight -- the Dumas emergency manager tells NewsChannel 10 - 13 people in Cactus have been injured in the storms, 2 critically.

We have also learned two bus loads of voluntary evacuees from Cactus have been transported to the Dumas community center and Sunray community center.