Appeal for Ryan Dickson's Life

In six days an Amarillo man could be executed, after a decade on death row.

Dickson was convicted of killing Carmello and Marie Surace during a robbery in Amarillo back in 1994.

Today, his attorney is trying to do what he can to show the 30-year-old inmate suffers a mental illness.

"He was 18 and 16 days and that's no excuse for the crime he's accused of but a child needs to be given the opportunity to grow up before you charge him with capital murder and sentence him to death," says Ronald T. Spriggs.

Spriggs says he is looking into Dickson's mental capacity as a child... saying the inmate could be mentally unstable, at the time of the crime. They've come down to the final days before the execution date to file, because they want to present the strongest case to the court.

"We don't want to rush the judgement and file something just to file it, we want to file something that will help Ryan, and not filing just for the sake of filing," says Spriggs.

Spriggs says they hope to file a motion to stay the execution on Monday and could know by the end of that day, whether or not it is granted.

"It's a crime where family and Ryan has lost, his family is hurting along with victims relatives it's a sad situation and we hope we can stop another individual from dying,' says Spriggs.

If the motion is approved, there is a chance Dickson could be back in court in Amarillo for an evidence hearing. NewsChannel 10 will stay on top of this story and bring you the latest developments.