Emergency Survival Guide

With the threat of severe weather looming.. The Amarillo chapter of the American Red Cross wants you to be prepared.

Newschannel 10's Noelle Gardner shows us what we need for an emergency situation.

According to the American Red Cross only 30 percent of households have supplies stored away in case of emergency.

"There's many things that you can grab quickly and pull together and put in your car .. But most of the time we don't think to to that."

"Now is the time to get those survival kits together.. Experts say you should have three kits, one for home, the workplace and your car.

It's not unheard of for people to be without aid for three days.. and that's why the American Red cross is recommending a three day kit.

Noelle Gardner says, The American Red Cross prepared this kit...it's great...  it  includes all sorts of things like water, food, a flashlight.. And experts say you should add medications, and I.D. along with a cell phone."

Vicky Richmond tells me if it could save your life then it's well worth the cost.

Noelle gardner, NewsChannel Ten.

You can pick up an emergency backpack at the american red cross in Amarillo.

The cost is 50 dollars.

For more information call 376-6309.