Sandy Gustafson, Patient
Sandy Gustafson, Patient
Robert Singer, Plastic Surgeon
Robert Singer, Plastic Surgeon

Years ago if you had cosmetic surgery it was pretty obvious.

Today, the result is more subtle.

Doctors  are giving more natural-looking lifts.

Six years ago, Sandy Gustafson decided to turn back the clock, but worried what she'd look like after a facelift.

"My major concern was over pulling. I didn't want to have that stretched look."

These days, doctors know a lot more about the aging process.

"We've learned what directions the tissue comes down and why.

About little retaining ligaments that keep things from just sliding down.

We've learned that the bone loses some volume.

We've learned that the fat accumulates under the neck but you lose it in the cheek."

Sandy says over the last six years she's had a few lifts.. and says she's still holding.