Apartment Fire Investigation Continues

Investigators continue to look into just how the deadly blaze began at Amarillo's Meridian Apartments early Thursday morning.

Fire investigators remain tight-lipped about what they have found out so far but here's what we have been able to confirm.

Several members of the Amarillo Fire Marshal's investigation team have been combing through the building from top to bottom to put the puzzle together.

They tell us they are using all of their resources....including bringing in an officer from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms team from Lubbock.

He is lending his expertise in fire investigations to our Amarillo team.

The federal agency also sent a canine unit to the scene...an accelerant sniffing dog who may be able to detect if any chemicals were used in the fire.

This evening we are told the investigation is still ongoing...but this afternoon the Marshal's office did have a meeting with the city.

They tell us it is simply a status update...to keep them up-to-date about the latest findings in the fire.