Pantex Strike Continues

Guards at Pantex continue to strike, but developments are underway as they try to reach an agreement. But until that agreement, guards say they will continue picketing.

Today, guard members, Pantex officials and a federal mediator met to look at possible solutions to the strike. But now it is back to the drawing board. "It's stressful but I feel both sides will work to resolve this," says Frank White, Vice President of the Pantex Guard Union.

Guard Audy Jones adds,"I'm pleased so far. I believe both sides willwork through the issues."
White says they will present new proposals Thursday morning when they meet again with Pantex officials and the federal mediator.

We also spoke with Pantex officials today. Both parties say they look forward to a resolution. 
The Pantex Guard Union has filed an unfair labor practice because they feel Pantex bypassed the PGU's bargaining representatives by sending letters to the guards homes with the status of the negotiation and the terms of the offer. But Pantex says these allegations are false and the charge will be dropped .