Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes seizures, which are abnormal electrical discharges within the brain.

Surgery is often the only way to locate where the seizures are happening.

A new way to map the brain and find the seizures without invasive surgery.

Cathey Lenhart was 14 when she had her first epileptic seizure.

Now 50, she's struggling... Unable to work or drive a car, and her memory is slipping with each attack.

"I'm hoping that if they can get the seizures under better control, i'd have a change in the fight. It's been a battle all my life and right now they're winning."

So looking for help, cathey is one of only a handful of patients in the world to try this... It's called the geodesic sensor net.

It has 256 sensors, 10 times the number of electrodes previously used to monitor brain waves.

All searching for the location of her seizures.

"Patients have had usually have had years of uncontrolled seizures, have been on multiple medications and they're being considered as candidates for epilepsy surgery."

The sensors will monitor cathey's brain and show the seizures, as they happen.

"The goal is to localize the seizure better, non-invasively by this technique."