Skeleton Mayor Remains in Office

"Resign from office."  That's what some Skellytown residents want their mayor to do now that he's admitted he is a sex offender.  Tonight, all that they are left with is unanswered questions and disappointment after no action was taken concerning the issue at a town hall meeting.

When Mills pleaded guilty to indecency with a child in connection with a 1995 incident, he also received deffered adjudication - he was never actually convicted. So according to state law, if he abides by the rules set forth in his five year probation, he can remain mayor of Skellytown. However, many people NewsChannel 10 spoke with don't want to see that happen.

"I think if he showed tonight he'd see a lot of the town doesn't want him as mayor; he should just resign and not put us through all this," says Christy White, a Skellytown resident.

"He should step down, whether he does it or they do it, he needs to not be there," says Glen Smith, a Skellytown resident.

The city council says they were advised not to comment on the issue tonight and it wasn't in the meeting agenda.  A few residents spoke up about it, but left when they realized nothing would be taken tonight.

"They didn't even slap the back of his hand.  That's terrible," says Gary Larkin, who lives across the street from Mayor Mills.

"I got out of it that we're going to have to petition him out...because by the fine print he got off, he got by," says White.

Residents will have to wait until the next town meeting to see how they will handle the issue.

NewsChannel 10 will continue to track this story and bring you the latest developments.