Amarillo's Water Outlook Good

All of the recent snow and rain means more water for the area's drinking supply, but the City of Amarillo is taking steps to make sure the supply doesn't deplete any time soon.

Today, the City of Amarillo released all the latest information about this summer's outlook.  Amarillo alone uses about 17-billion gallons of water per year.  Putting that in perspective, that's enough water to cover all of Randall county in one inch deep water.

This may sound like a lot of water, but the city now says that Amarillo could continue at this rate for more than 125 years and not use all of the reserves.  This summer Amarillo may see daily demands at three to four times the average rate, but the city says that the system is poised to grow with the needs of Amarillo as the temperatures heat up.

Assisstant City Manager Jarrett Atkinson says, "We've got the new wells in Carson county that we'll put on line and have ready for the summer.  This year we're in pretty good shape.  We weren't in bad shape last year; it was just something...we had been dry for so long, but it really got to people.  [I'm] curious about what's going on so we're trying to be ahead of that show them what's going on and do it now." 
In addition to the reserves, Amarillo can also rely on water from Lake Meredith.  In the last thirty days, the city says that the lake has climbed twenty-one inches.  This is another sign that our water supply will be secure throughout the summer.