Alleged Rape at Clarendon College

According to the Donley County Sheriff's Office, a Clarendon college student reported a rape Sunday evening.  Tonight the man who allegedly raped the student is still on the loose and may be armed.

Police say that the suspect had a gun and forced the victim to have sex and then fled the scene.  He is described as a white male, medium build, and was last seen wearing a ski mask, gloves, and black clothing.

If you have any information regarding this crime call the Donley County Sheriff's Office at 874-3533.

In light of this recent attack, NewsChannel 10 is investigating how safe students living on Clarendon College's campus feel.  With less than three hundred students living on campus, it did not take long for the news of the alleged rape to spread throughout the college.

Once the rape was reported, the college immediately began to look at what it could to to better protect its students.  NewsChannel 10 spoke with students at the campus today and they say that they are grateful for that protection, since many are still worried about an apparent suspect still on the loose.

"That's really scary," says Tara Merchant, a student at Clarendon College, "especially since they don't know who it was and [the victim] didn't have a good description." 

Another student, Kara Kidd, agrees: "The guy that did it had a gun, and that scares worries me a little bit because we don't know who it is and it's dangerous."

The Donley County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate the case and safety measures are in place to protect the students such as keeping doors locked at all times.

"We are not allowing visitation of the opposite sex in dorms at this time.  We want our students to feel secure," says Myles Shelton, the President of Clarendon College.

Even though these precautions are in place, some students say  there's no guarantee they are completely protected.  "There's really no safe place...just be aware and keep your eyes open at all times," says B.J. Wheeler, a junior at Clarendon College.

"You have to look after yourself; keep watching your back," adds Jason Marriss, a student.

Students also had a chance to discuss the incident and go over helpful safety rules at dorm meetings on Monday night.