Shooting at Amarillo Nightclub

A shooting, fights, sex offenses, vandalism...

All crimes plaguing a popular night club in Amarillo.

We know, because we looked into it..

Grahams Central Station is keeping police very busy...

And club-goers on guard.

Especially after a man was shot in the face just this weekend.

"That is the kind of place that lends its self to problems," says Sgt. Randy TenBrink, with the Amarillo Police Dept.

Problems that arise often according to police.

Officers have been called out to graham's a lot in just four months.

"About 53 times," he says.

In 2006...

"We had over 200 calls at that same location," he says.

The issues...

"Aggravated assault, sex offenses, drugs, minor assaults, arguments, stolen property off parking lot, inside the club," says TenBrink.

These club-goers are familiar...

"My car actually got broken into there ... it's kind of scary I mean you never know what could happen says Anthony Drerup.

"There's no doubt when you get that many people together either inside or out in a parking lot after consuming that much alcohol there are going to be problems ... businesses do have a responsibility to provide security, there's never enough security in an area with that many people, so we have to step in and we have to make our calls," says TenBrink.

We called Grahams to check its security...

But were unable to reach anyone.

Police are still looking for a gunman in this latest shooting.

He described as Hispanic, in his 20's, five foot seven, stalky, with buzzed hair.

He was last seen wearing diamond studded earrings.

Call crimestoppers at 374-4400 if you have information.