Winds Do Damage in North Amarillo

Homes and churches in Amarillo's northside also suffered damage from winds at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour.

Those powerful winds almost ripped a church's entire roof off near 24th and mirror, leaving a mangled mess. The church's pastor was inside with the youth group when the winds started to pick up.

She decided to take action by leading the group into the basement and calling 911.
Pastor Eleanor Murray said "We were safe, no one was hurt and we were just praying in the spirit waiting for them to come get us". The roof is also gone from this sign business on NW5th street where it seems to have crushed trucks in the driveway and splintered across the yard.

Winds shifted this abandoned trailer on Smelter Road from its foundation, the structure is now leaning several feet forward. Johann Kolb lives in the home next to the abandoned house, and he described the scene "It kinda basically sounded like a train rolling by real strong and you could feel the cold air coming in through the windows, even though we had all the windows shut it got really cold when the electricity shut off".

Power in that area was restored, but near the church outages continue to be a problem. 
Crews are still trying to secure lines knocked to the ground by the vicious winds.