Storm Damage -- Amarillo's Westside

The wild weather is wreaking havoc all over Amarillo and NewsChannel 10 is tracking the damage. We pick up our team coverage from the Westside with NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin.

Check out this uprooted tree in Medi Park it shows just how fierce of a storm mother nature sent our way.

Our crews swooped in on the Westside to get a first hand look at the areas rattled by the storm and as you can see there's a lot.

Near Line and Prospect a carport flew into a house!

And that's not the only home we found that felt the wicked wrath...

Look at this one in the La Paloma area, a blue tarp now covers the roof that went storming down the block...

And right into Terry Glover's home.

"It was very loud vibrated the whole house and right at the end of it something hit our roof," he says.

"We're grateful no one was hurt that's what really counts."

Nobody hurt but a lot of cleaning up to do, Glover's front window was smashed in and is now boarded up.

Back here at Medi park crews are removing trees and picking up debris.

A task that could take sometime because this Spring sting isn't quite done for the evening.

Last night there were 115 calls to the police and nearly 30 to the fire department.  Amarillo city officials continue to assess the damage of Thursday night's storms.

Officials tell us city crews worked with Atmos Energy and Xcel Energy throughout the night and afternoon working to clear the roads.

If you see debris blocking roads you are asked to call 378-6821.

And you can report downed power lines to Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-1999.