Amarillo Couple's Ford Escape Burns

A recall is out for Ford Escapes. But it didn't come fast enough for one Amarillo couple who watched their SUV go up in flames last week. Now they want to know why the recall didn't come sooner.

The McKillip family had quite a scare last Monday. Their Ford Escape somehow caught fire and burned less than 15 feet away from their home...with a full tank of gas in the car.

"This recall is 8 days too late, I don't understand when they are on top of this, it's not put before the public quicker," says Robin McKillip.

Ford announced a recall on 2001 to 2004 Ford Escapes Tuesday after 50 reports of engine fires.

Now they can add another to their list. This is what's left of McKillip's car.

"I had all my nursing supplies, $150 because you never know when you'll lose it in a heartbeat, we couldn't get to it i lost all my supplies in that truck, it's nothing but a melted pile of rubble," says McKillip.

Now McKillip wants anyone who drives an escape, to check on their vehicle, before it's too late. Ford made a recall, don't take it lightly, people ignore recalls all the time, it could easily happen to you or anyone.

McKillip says she's received a rental car from a local dealership to get around until she gets the recall matter sorted out. For now there are still many unanswered questions.

"Somebody owes me an explanation as to why a vehicle thats been sitting for 3 hours locked and safe, just sets itself on fire," says McKillip.

If you own a Ford Escape log onto and type in your vin number and see if your vehicle is part of the recall.