Infant Murder Investigation

We have new details in the murder of a six-month-old baby. A neighbor says the child's father came to her door for a ride to the hospital.

Jennifer Singletary says Devin Jones knocked on her door at about 2:45 Tuesday afternoon, "he was calm I mean like nothing was wrong or anything, he was like, ma'am can you give me a ride you know I've got to get to the hospital. And I was like i'm sorry iIcan't. I figured if something was that wrong he would've asked me to use my phone to call 911 if it was that serious."

Now he's now behind bars in Randall County Jail for injury to a child - his daughter - and police have searched for evidence in his home.

They say six-month-old Quionna Jones was not breathing when he brought her to the hospital, and that exams show someone physically and sexually abused her. She was pronounced dead this morning.

That news has Singletary thinking about moving out, "my little boy played with his little boy you know and stuff like that, I never thought you know, him and his girlfriend both were real nice you know, 'hi how you doin', I never thought anything like that."

We're told an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning and police will consider those results before changing any charges.