Suspect Arrested and Charged with Capital Murder

There is a major break in an Amarillo murder case.  An Amarillo teen is behind bars right now in connection with the stabbing death of Huong Rowlett, 63.

The murder happened just over a week ago at the B & B Store in southeast Amarillo.  Today police say that they found the suspect's fingerprints at the scene and that's how they tracked him down.

Tonight police are making progress with an arrest for the crime and Dewayne Hindman, 19, has now been charged with capital murder for the stabbing death of Rowlett.

"This is the first business murder we've had in years," says Lt. Gary Trupe with Amarillo Police Department's Special Crimes.

So when Rowlette was found stabbed several times inside the B & B Store on April 1, 2007, police began searching for who may have murdered her.

Lt. Trupe says, "We dusted the floors, we dusted the coolers, the coke machines...we picked up ninety-seven pieces of evidence on the parking lot."  Then they made a huge break.  "There was a piece of evidence that he left at the store that tied him very directly inside and after talking to him, it tied it even more."

Hindman's fingerprints were found on a crucial piece of evidence located inside the store.  They will not reveal what his fingerprints were found on, but NewsChannel 10 does know that a weapon has not been recovered at this time.

Police were about to track Hindman down, make an arrest and book him.

"We started out with a little of nothing and then to come back on yesterday, it was very satisfying to make that arrest.  We called the family last night and they were exstatic that somebody had been arrested for the murder of their mother," says Trupe.

Police also issued a search warrant for an apartment in the southwest area of Amarillo.  This is where they were able to find some of Hindman's clothes that he had been wearing the night of the murder.

Police are still investigating and are asking that if you have any information regarding this case to call the Special Crimes Unit at 378-9768.