Amarillo Man Helps Police Nab Burglar

Burglary Suspect, Shaman Cooper
Burglary Suspect, Shaman Cooper
Chad Mahan, Helped Police Catch Suspect
Chad Mahan, Helped Police Catch Suspect

Imagine watching a crime unfold right before your eyes... That's what happened to one Amarillo man early this morning. Because of his actions, a suspect is now behind bars.

This neighborhood may be a little bit safer tonight, after a man who lives on this street helped police catch a suspected burglar. He says he watched the suspect break into cars from his dining room window.

"Sure enough he was trying to break into vehicles so I approached him and got within 30 feet, he saw me and darted into his truck," says Chad Mahan.

Thats when Mahan tells us he grabbed his keys and decided to follow the suspect. It ended up being a 20 minute ride.  "He tried to lose me and drove around," says Mahan.

That's when Mahan called police. "I thought maybe if I can stay on the phone and follow him maybe we can catch up with this guy," says Mahan.

"He sat back, was out of the way, he wasn't part of the problem he was part of the solution. We were able to get this guy and the stolen car back," says Cpl. Brian Thomas.

Police arrested 22-year-old Shaman Cooper, who police say was burglarizing cars while driving a stolen car. Our auto burglaries are on a huge rise, they are going through the roof.

Don't leave stuff in car, it'll happen to you it's a matter of time," says Thomas. Mahan says he's heard of a number of them, and that's what motivated him to do it.

"We all have things we work hard for and our children, we have to watch the neighborhood, they are things that are precious, I just want people to be aware," says Mahan.

Mahan says police found several knives in the suspects car. That reassured him that confronting the suspect would've been the wrong thing to do. And police agree you should never confront a criminal.