New Motorcycle Rescue & Transportation Service

There's a good chance a drunk driver is driving on the roads right now and that means there's a good chance that an alcohol-related accident could happen any time.

Statistics show that about every thirty minutes someone dies in a drunk driving wreck.  One local man is working to turn those statistics around with a new rescue service targeting motorcyclists.

Chic Hopson wants to make sure everytime you and your family hit the highway, everyone is safe.  There's just no telling if the person driving beside you has been drinking.

"In the case that they consume a little too much [alcohol], I'm offering help, and I don't think they know help is available for them," says Hopson.

Hopson is the owner of CCT's Motorcycle Rescue and Transportation.  The company helps keep motorcyclists off the road when they have been consuming alcohol.

"My sacrifice that I'm making now will help tomorrow, because if one motorcyclist dies, that [person is] a dad, daughter...that's a family member, and if he dies, the businesses will die too, because he's part of the business community in Amarillo.  So by me saving one life, we're actually saving a whole community," according to Hopson.

He also rides motorcycles and says that bikers usually do not want to leave their bikes, so they end up driving them home even after a couple of drinks.  That's why Hopson picks up the rider and the bike. 
Local businesses are helping to spread the message in hopes to keep everyone safe.  "Just the fact that you don't have to worry about the driver.  If he's been drinking too much, he can just call [CCT's] to get a ride home," says Tesha Woods, an employee at Blue Gator.

If you ever need a ride, or know someone who might, you can call CCT's at 708-906-4854.