Teens Abusing "Triple C"

An over the counter medicine you may take to calm your cold and cough is being abused by kids here in the panhandle. The product being misused is Coricidin HBP, and unlike some dangerous drugs kept behind the counter this one is readily available to your teen.

One man, who wanted to keep his identity a secret, took Coricidin hbp to get high...and a lot of it. "Its like your underwater and you can't see nothing at all. You can't really function any of your motor skills and you cant really do much".   He says he and his friends would take almost a whole box of the tablets without ever thinking twice . "It's quite a bit to be taking...but I was getting high so I wasn't afraid back then".

At Martin Tipton Pharmacy kids were bold enough to come in off the street and ask for the product by its street name "Triple C" and that was just the first red flag raised in the store. 
The pharmacy used to keep the drug near the door but had to move it behind the counter after boxes disappeared.

Pharmacist Melissa Smalley said "It's our choice to put it behind the counter and so we're able to monitor what we sell. Other places it probably would be good for them too. Maybe not to have people to sign for it but to ask for it".

This particular brand of cold medicne has three times as much of the dangerous ingredient dextromethorphan as other over-the-counter drugs on the market, making it a dangerous choice for teens.

Dr. Smalley says abusing the drug by taking it in such a large dose could cause seizures, coma or even death.