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Meth Disguised As Candy

Robin Alexander, Panhandle MAMAS Ambassador Robin Alexander, Panhandle MAMAS Ambassador
Amy Hernandez, Panhandle MAMAS  Ambassador Amy Hernandez, Panhandle MAMAS Ambassador

Meth makers are targeting your children with new looks to the deadly drug. If your child is offered candy, there's a good chance they'll take it.

But what's frightening, that candy could actually be a form of meth. "Smells like strawberries, they give to younger kids even 4th graders using it," says Robin Alexander. It's a scary thought but Robin says this is happening more and more.

Meth makers disguising the drug as candy to attract kids. She is a recovering meth addict and knows first hand the tricks makers use to fool you into using the drug. "For every way they think the cops are getting lead on they are coming up with a new way to go around it," says Robin.

Amy also was addicted to meth and used to make it. She and Robin now tell their stories to kids to warn them. "This drug is very dangerous, it causes death, it causes a number of medical problems. It'll change your life and it doesn't change it for the better," says Amy Hernandez.

Amy and Robin are both Panhandle MAMAS ambassadors who speak at schools to educate about the dangers of meth.  Amy and Robin say the best advice for parents is to continue educating your children and talking with them about all drugs.

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