In the hours since Curry and Quay counties were declared tornado disaster areas by the federal government....126 people have signed up with FEMA hoping for help.

Now the agency is worried about the hundreds of others who qualify for assistance but haven't applied.

Insurance can only last survivors so long. FEMA can offer assistance where insurance companies leave off. But the window of opportunity for Survivors to sign up will soon close.

"Once they get registered, the inspector comes out. That opens the flood gates and they're entitled to benefits," says Kim Pease, a FEMA Agent.

Benefits that victims like Conrada Figeroa need.

"We registered at the red cross but I don't know if we need to register again somewhere. That's what we've come here for," says Figueroa, a tornado survivor.

FEMA cleared up some of that confusion tonight at a town hall meeting.

Their message: Sign up for assistance regardless of the damage you suffered.

"Anyone with damage shouldn't sit back and think their damage is not that bad. Don't pre-judge whether you are entitled to benefits," says Pease.

Pease says 60 FEMA agents will be on the ground in Clovis for the long haul, inspecting homes and helping people get what they need.

The road to recovery may be long but city leaders say they're making great progress.

"About 90% of the debris cleanup is finished, it's all bee taken down to the landfill. It's phenominal the progress we've made," says Claire Burroughes, with the City of Clovis.

"The people have been tremendously organized and ready to go in this disaster. This has happened at the speed of light. Usually it takes longer for a disaster declaration," says Pease.

Here is another incentive for victims to sign up. You could get recovery dollars fast. Those who have already registered with FEMA should see checks as early as next week. Call 1-800-621-3362.