Allergy sufferers beware... Experts say allergy season is hitting earlier and harder this year and that can wreak havoc on your nose. Runny noses are annoying, but constant nosebleeds can be worse.

Every morning, 7-year-but during the cooler months and allergy season, he includes some extras. "We send a ziplock bag to school every day with a bottle of saline, a package of kleenex, some q-tips and a tube of neosporin."

Not items most kids take to school, but when you suffer from chronic nosebleeds like reed, you never forget them. He's not alone. Experts say allergens like pollen and indoor heat can make people who are prone to nosebleeds downright miserable. "It's the drying effect of the heat in the house and that dryness causes crusting and dryness of the nose which otherwise should moisten and humidify the air that you breath in."

Irritants make blood vessels in the nose very fragile. For Reed, a simple swipe to the nose can cause a gushing nosebleed. Doctors recommend using over-the-counter saline spray in the morning and rubbing petroleum jelly in your nose at night.

But if you still experience a nosebleed, experts say you can stop most of them yourself. "If you're out on your own and you're at home and you notice that you're bleeding or your child is bleeding, first thing to do, you're right, there is put pressure on the nose and keep it there for five minutes."

Reed's nosebleeds are getting better and he's now able to focus on the activities he loves most.