Your medical records could be in someone else's hands

Your medical records could be in someone else's hands right now and authorities tell us most likely in the hands of someone working directly with your files.

After they have your medical records, thieves can use your information to get prescription drugs, medical services, or even change your information.

Always have a copy of your medical records and look for any mistakes. Also contact your insurance company once a year for a list of the benefits they paid to you and check your credit report.

Hospitals in Amarillo tell us they have never had any medical identity theft cases, however, local police are currently working on some. Amarillo Police Sergant Randy Tenbrink says it is a growing problem in our area.

Most cases they deal with involve thieves trying to get prescription drugs illegally. "People will use anybody's name they, it doesn't make any difference, if they can get a name to get a prescription, they'll use it."

Tenbrink adds depending on what the drugs are a person can be charged with a class b misdemeanor or even a felony.