Crime Safety Alert--Protecting Your Children From Online Predators

If your child logs online, they are a prime target for sexual predators. Tonight, the Texas Attorney General was in Amarillo to alert parents and students about the dangers of chatting on the net.

Anyone can log on to the internet and pose as someone else and then prey on your child. 
So to protect kids, the cyber safety meeting gave valuable tools to help keep your child from becoming a victim. "They're the type of people who could be your next door neighbor, people you wouldn't suspect, people you could meet and never know they were a child predator, that's one thing that makes it so dangerous," says Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

So to protect your children, here's what the Attorney General and his cyber crimes unit investigators say every parent should do. Put your computer in a central location, not in your child's room. Do not allow them to use web cams and set rules. Also, use parental controls. 
And above all communicate with your children and continue to educate them on internet safety.

Throughout the seminar, examples were shown of how dangerous it can be if these rules are not followed. It was an eye-opening experience for local parents and their children. "Scary, it's really scaring. I think when they said 1 in 7 children will be solicited on the internet, that's freighting," says Holly and her mother Chelle.

"It was really scary, I didn't realize how creepy it could be just by putting your name and location someone could find you and go straight to your house," says Melody Montgomery. So scary, Melody is rethinking a myspace page and Holley plans to fix hers. "Well I'm going to go home and change some things on my myspace, even having a picture can be scary so i'm going to change some stuff."

Parents and their children also received a free dvd to take home which is packed with even more internet safety tools. Ones we spoke with tonight plan on showing it to other families to help educate them as well.