Retail Security Breach Alert

You could be a victim in a massive security breach.  Thieves have stolen information from over 45 million credit and debit cards from customers of a major retail chain, TJ aMaxx.

Tonight, people in Amarillo continue to feel the effects.  One bank tells NewsChannel 10 information continues to pour in that people locally could be victimized.

If you've shopped at TJ Maxx, then you'll want to hear this, because you could be next.  The retail store is at the center of a huge security scare.  Someone hacked into its parent's company computer system and some of the stolen information dates back to 2003.

However, the security breach only surfaced a few months ago and today it's still causing problems for people in Amarillo.

"We definitely have felt the impact," says Beth Stewart, with the Amarillo National Bank.

Amarillo National Bank continues to receive letters warning of potential local victims, over 7,000 names total, and 1,200 in the last week alone.

"We do continue to get a list from Visa fraud control," Stewart says.

If you feel you may be a victim, then call your bank, check your receipts, and track your funds.

"Internet banking is a great tool to use to prevent any losses that way you can look at your account online," she says.

Because after all this security scare may not be over yet.

"There may be additional lists still coming," Stewart adds.

The company at the center of the breach has set up an information number: 1-866-484-6978. You can call this if you have any questions.  So far, six people in Florida have been arrested in connection to this case.