Concerns About Human Food Supply

Pet food is disappearing off store shelves as more and more brands are being recalled.

In the last two days Alpo, Prescription Diet m/d dry cat food and Del Monte Food products joined the massive pet food recall list.

Tonight, concerns the human food supply could be affected.

That's what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating tonight and so are we.

Del Monte Foods produces human and pet food.

And this weekend it pulled several dog and cat treats off the shelves.

This comes after the F.D.A. found a toxic chemical in the wheat gluten from China used to make those products.

According to a media source, the contaminated gluten was also supplied as a 'food grade' additive, which is allowed for human and pet consumption.

So wanted to know if the human food supply could be tainted, and e-mailed the F.D.A.

The agency says it's confident it is not.

Here's the the e-mail reply we received.

"The F.D.A. is requiring 100% import testing of all shipments of wheat gluten from China as we continue to investigate. We are confident it has not gotten into the food supply."

Del Monte is also looking into it.

They say wheat gluten is used in both the pet and human food supply. But there is no evidence human food has been tainted.

Local agriculture agents say people should remain calm.

"As Americans we put a lot faith in our system, and we have to do that or we'd be scared to death all the time. I'm confident that we have a safe food supply," says Danny Nusser, the Randall County Agriculture Extension Agent.

About 70% of the wheat gluten used in the united states for human and pet food is imported from the European Union and Asia.

Again, the F.D.A. says none of the contaminated wheat gluten in china was sold to companies producing human food. But they continue to investigate.

And we'll continue to update you on this developing story.