Mother Murdered -- Family Speaks Out

A mother viciously murdered while helping out at her daughter's business in Amarillo. Right now, the alleged killer is still eluding police... and authorities need your help.

It is a NewsChannel 10 crime alert... we've been tracking for nearly 24 hours.

The murder happened Sunday evening at the B & B convenience store in the 2,000 block of Southeast 10th Avenue. Acording to police, 63-year old Huong Rowlett was working alone when someone came in around six and stabbed her multiple times during an apparent robbery.

Rowlett was pronounced dead at the hospital. All day, police have been on scene interviewing people and scouring the business for clues. The family is in utter shock. Neighbors also can't believe it.

This business is now the scene of a brutal crime... and a mother, grandmother, and loving lady... is now dead. Family, friends, in agony. Hugs of grief. Tears of sorrow.

Their lives now turned upside down after what happened. Kim Vo is the daughter of the victim... 63-year-old Huong Rowlett. She tells us... family members made the grim discovery Sunday,  night. "They came back from church and found her on the floor," says Vo.

Neighbors also knew something was wrong, "We just heard like screaming and one of her daughters was out of control," says Jessica Ramirez.

Now... a day later... with more questions than answers... all they can do is wonder why someone so selfish would take the life of someone considered so un-selfish.

"She was always a loving person, giving person always did for everybody that she could do for ... whoever you are please come up and face forward... this person is a mother, grandmother, she's there for everybody, she'd try to help anybody this shouldnt've ever happened," says Vo.

New tonight, we've learned this business didn't have working surveillance here at the time of the crime. The family was getting ready to install new cameras. Also-- police don't have a suspect description at this point.

So if you have any information... you are urged to come forward.

Call Special Crimes at    378-9468

Or CrimeStoppers at    374-4400