Cyber Safety Meeting

As a parent, you want to protect your children from harm, but sometimes it can be difficult. More and more online predators continue to lurk after your children every time they log on. So how can you better protect them?

The Texas Attorney General's office has an answer. The Texas Attorney General's office is alerting parents and students about online predators by touring the state. And local teens we spoke with today feel it's time to address the issue. "It's a problem everywhere so I'm sure yes. No one would expect in Amarillo, Texas it would be a problem but I'm sure that it is," says Sydney Kleinschmidt.

"I don't know personally of anyone who has been a victim of it or know anyone who is one but I'm sure it is just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it's not there," says Patrick Daniel, a local junior in high school. Karmen also feels the same way as these students, but says they can take the first step in protecting themselves by playing it smart when logging on.

"There's a lot of predators here in Amarillo. I just think even though there are we have to be smart about what we do on the internet, don't give out certain information, don't tell them where they are, it just causes more problems," says Karmen. Big problems, The Texas Attorney Teneral's office has a cyber crimes unit that has seen the dangers of online predators up close.

In the last three years, they have arrested 93 men for trying to have sex with underage children, seven from Amarillo. "It doesn't sound like alot but in reality it is and if there's that many and if it's not taken care of it's only going to get worse," says Kleinschmidt. So to help catch these predators, a cyber safety meeting will take an in-depth look at online safety for parents and their children.

"It's not just parents that need to be informed, it's also students as well because it's the students identity that's being put out there because parents aren't on the computer as much as students are," says Kleinschmidt.

The cyber safety meeting will be Tuesday night at 6:30 at Austin Middle School. The Texas Attorney, Greg Abbott will be here to lead the seminar. It is free and open to everyone. 
On the agenda will be some safety tips and if you have questions folks will be on hand to try and answer them.