Wedding Workout

Now more than ever before, brides are focusing some of their pre-wedding preparations on health and fitness. Shopping for a wedding dress is a highlight for brides-to-be, but it isn't the only detail they have on their minds.

"I just really want to look good in the dress, you know, they always say it's your special day," Amy Rice said.  Amy just got engaged and is making wedding plans. At the top of her to-do list: toning up.

"I think that's really gonna help the arms, the shoulders, the abs, you know, everyone always wants the perfect abs for their honeymoon."

Amy's taking tips from a new book on bridal fitness called, "Weddingshape", a comprehensive fitness and nutrition guide by Joseph Arangio.

"Brides-to-be have a built-in deadline, so they're very motivated to look and feel good.," Arangio said.

The book suggests wedding-minded workouts for beginners through the super fit. There's also a focus on inner well-being.

"Training, nutrition, sleep and stress management create a whole picture of health. Not only do we want them to feel great and, and look beautiful on their big day, but we want to help them establish healthy habits."

Amy's ready to commit to a long-term fitness relationship.

"I think it's gonna just become part of my everyday lifestyle, that it's gonna be like a habit for me," she said.

And that should help this bride look fabulous right through her golden anniversary.