Clovis Feels Relief and Gives Thanks

About 95% of the debris scattered throughout Clovis, NM from last week's deadly tornado has been cleaned up with the help of many volunteers and organizations, including the Salvation Army.

Today, they took some time to look back and give thanks for all the help through praise and worship.  Members of the Salvation Army Church gathered this morning to reflect on the past week.

"The Salvation Army started as a church and we believe as an outflowing of what the Lord has done for us.  We need to share with others, and that's why the Salvation Army started in the very beginning," says Captain Tammy Ray, with the Salvation Army.

Songs of praise and prayers filled the church.  For one member, Ayleen Fajardo, says she's thankful she is alive after being caught in the storm last week.

"This is my first tornado, and I heard the sirens, but I didn't know what it was.  It started by raining and hailing and I thought it was just a thunderstorm," says Fajardo.

Ayleen and her family moved to Clovis one year ago.  She was driving from Portales, NM to Clovis when the tornado hit.

"My life literally flashed in front of me.  I started thinking about my family, myself...I had an emotional breakdown literally," Fajardo says.

Today she prayed for all the others affected by the tornado.

"I think everything happens for a reason and coming to church just gives me the big picture as far as counting my blessings, and what I took for granted that I knew I've always had and have been blessed with, but didn't really embrace until the natural disaster," says Fajardo.