Pet Food Recall List Expands

Two more brands of pet food are being added to the recall list NewsChannel 10 first told you about several weeks ago.

Nestle Purina Petcare Company is recalling all sizes and varieties of its Alpo Prime Cuts in gravy wet dog food with specific date codes.  For the first time a dry car food is joining the recall list as well: Hill's Pet Nutrition's Prescription Diet M/D Feline.

The FDA says it has found a chemical in the tainted food and tonight major questions are still unanswered.  The FDA admits there is a lot of confusion.

The new recalled pet food developments come roughly two weeks after wet pet food products from Menu Foods were recalled because cats and dogs were suffering kidney failure.  Some pets have become sick, others died, from the newly recalled food.

Federal officials are at a loss to explain exactly what went wrong.  "We understand it's confusing.  It's confusing to everybody.  We're trying to make sense of it," says Dr. Stephen Sundlof, FDA/Veterinary Medicine.

The FDA says it's found a chemical called melamine in certain pet foods containing wheat gluten.

As investigators continue worming towards solving this problem, vets are offering advice to pet owners: "If you are really, really concerned, then feed your pet a home made diet for a few days or a few weeks, and give this thing a chance to take its course," says Dr. Bruce Akey, Cornell University.

One dog owner says that is exactly what she intends to do: "It's a little scary to think it could be in any one of these foods, especially when you think you're buying a premium brand that has better ingredients," says Eileen Moriarty, a dog owner.