Surge in Weather Radio Sales During Season

The Panhandle has already seen its fair share of severe weather this season. That could be why more people are investing in a tool to help keep their family out of harm's way.

Weather radios are flying off of local store shelves and the weather service says it's for good reason. From our terrible twisters, to thunderstorms it's happening you'll know about it with the help of one of these weather radios.

"They're your own personal warning system. Its kinda like having a smoke alarm to weather and other emergencies ...we think they're critically important," says Steve Drillette, with the National Weather Service.

And people seem to be getting the message. This store is out of one brand it only has a few other options left. We called around and that's the same case at several other stores in our area.

"I'd say about 3 to 4 people a day come in to come in and ask about nothing more than weather radios," says Jeremy Davis, a salesperson.

"We highly recommend that every school, home and business have a weather radio... You'll get that alert and know that danger is coming," says Drillette.

The radios range from 30 to 60 dollars. You can program up to 25 counties in each of the devices or just customize it to your area.