High Winds Clobber Claude

Claude suffered heavy wind damage after severe straightline winds came through late Wednesday night. Although there is no evidence an actual tornado touched the ground in Claude Wednesday night, we saw severe wind damage across the city. 
Armstrong County Sheriff J.R. Walker says just before midnight calls began coming in from across Claude, reporting property damage and downed trees. "The windows on the south side second floor also on the same floor the east side the two windows are broken out there and glass was strewn from the second floor to the basement of the building".

The most wind damage was at the Crazy Little Cafe. It's front awning flipped over on top of the building, causing extensive damage to the restaurant inside. Owner Tracy Gillis said "It tore out all of our air conditioning ducting and one unit is twisted ana damaged and of course the roof and stuff".

She just celebrated the cafe's one year anniversary, and now hopes insurance will help her rebuild her business. "We'll just wait and hope they give us enough to repair. We put every penny we had into this place a year ago and its now its just at that turning point but hopefully they will give us enough to fix and if they don't then, we'll do what we can through the year as we get the money".

Gillis and her husband will work through the weekend to get at least part of the restaurant open by next week.