Man Says Ex-Wife's Sex Change Ends Alimony Deal

(AP) CLEARWATER, Fla. A Florida judge has to decide if a man must continue paying alimony to an ex-wife who has had a sex change.

Circuit Court Judge Jack St. Arnold says "there's not a lot out there to help us" as he looks at the request filed by Lawrence Roach.

Roach's lawyers argue that Julia Roach's sex change after their 2004 divorce ends the alimony. One says: "It's illegal for a man to marry a man and it should likewise be illegal for a man to pay alimony to a man."

Attorneys for the ex-wife, who changed her name to Julio Roberto Silverwolf, say the operation doesn't alter the alimony agreement.

Those involved in the Florida case say a 2004 Ohio case is the only one addressing the issue. In that case, an appeals court ruled that the alimony must continue because the sex change wasn't reason enough to violate the agreement.

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