Parents React to Hospital Scare

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente has an exclusive interview with parents who were in North West Texas Hospital when the incident occurred. 

Eric and Angelica Darnell became parents for the fifth time just a few hours before the incident happened.

"The nurses came in and told me there was a lady walking around in scrubs that had a tote and was confronted by security and told to get off the property or she would be arrested," says Eric.  He says the nurse then left the decision up to him to tell his wife.

"I was anxious...a lot of anxiety.  You just never know and you become more alert," says Angelica.

They eventually found out it was a reporter and she was not trying to kidnap any babies.

"I was pretty upset because she's not considering how she's making mothers feel, because we don't know," says Eric.   "It's kind of discomforting. I mean this is a special moment, special time, in everyone's life when the baby comes in and you want to enjoy it, but on the other end, I understand the press has a job to do and has to get information out, so you just have to balance out," says Eric.

Angelica's and Eric's newborn son, Derek, is safe and sound, but his parents are not taking any chances especially after the scare last night.

"If we have any doubt, my husband will walk the baby right to the nursery with the nurses and we make sure he's in there," says Angelica.

"I follow them to the nursery every chance I get which is all the time," says Eric.