Clovis Businesses Helping Victims

Charity in the midst of tragedy. That's what some Clovis residents are finding in area businesses after a tornado ripped through their city. NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg joins us live in the studio with more on who victims can turn to, to help rebuild their lives. Supplies and services are hard to come by right now in Clovis, and we found two businesses offering those up for free.

For Lora Harlan, storing her things at A Key Storage is piece of mind.

"I feel relieved, I know that's ok and we'll go back to taken care of things at the business that need to be taken care of," says Harlan.

Her business is one of hundreds damaged in Friday's tornado. She is thankful A Key Storage is reaching out to victims, allowing them to store stuff free for 30 days.

"We knew the first priority would be to store belongings so we made ourselves available around the clock so whenever storage was needed we'd be there for them," says Spencer Odom, with A Key Storage.

Triangle Ace Hardware is also doing their part. Victims can buy $100 worth of materials to get back on their feet and any supplies after that will be sold at cost.

"It's devastating. But our neighbors and businesses are annihilated you see it on TV we've never been hit like this and we want to give back," says Randy Petty, ACE's owner.

With the store credit alone victims can buy 35 2-by-4's, or 18 sheets of plywood. Petty says the offer will cost his business about $50,000. But that's a hit they're ready to take.

"Over time we can probably handle the hit, we believe in good will and reaping what you sew," says Petty.

For victims, what these two businesses are doing is priceless.

"It's great to see the community pull together and it's the kind of community we always knew was here," says Harlan.

The city of Clovis is also waiving the fees at the city landfill, so people can dump garbage for free.