Clovis Animal Shelter Overcrowded with Pets after the Storm

As the clean up process continues more animals are coming out of hiding. The Clovis Animal Shelter is overcrowded with pets after the storm hit.

The Clovis Animal Shelter is running out of space and they need your help to make sure these homeless pets find a home. They only have 30 cages and most are already filled. Now they are making room for the homeless animals. They are giving owners some extra time to claim their pets before they are put to sleep and they are not charging to come get them.

Animal control officers continue to pick up animals but if you see one out you need to call the police at 505-769-1921. Because these animals could attack. There has been one report of a person biten by a dog and that dog has been quarentined.

Clovis Animal Welfare League will be posting photos of animals that are currently housed at the City of Clovis Animal Control Facility.