Suspected Baby Snatcher Caught

NewsChannel 10 continues to learn more about the couple arrested after allegedly confessing to stealing a car with a baby inside.  We've found out one of the suspected snatchers has quite the criminal background.

Paul Plemons, 36, and Tiffany Grantz, 20, were booked into jail Monday on aggravated kidnapping charges.  Police tell us Plemons is not only a registered sex offender and considered dangerous, but he just got out of prison about six months ago.

"He had been convicted once before of sexual assault of a female.  Most of his offenses have been forgery and drug counterfeiting type offenses," says Lt. Brent Womble, APD, Sex Crimes Unit.

Plemons and Grantz are accused of taking off in a car, with a baby inside, from a car wash in the 1700 block of south Western Saturday.

An Amber Alert was issued and we're told thirty minutes later Grantz, one of the suspects, actually returned the fifteen-month-old to Frank's bakery at Western and Wolflin safe and unharmed.

Police believe the suspects' main intention was to steal the car, but they tell us they had to assume the worst.