Trans Fat-Free College

We hear a lot about restaurants getting rid of trans fats in their recipes. Now college dining halls are following suit.

French fries are popular at San Diego State University. The good news is le spuds are a little healthier now because the school cafeteria switched cooking oils.

Trans fatty acids, or transfats, are made when oils are chemically transformed from a natural liquid state into solids. The process makes the oil suitable for deep frying.

But transfat doesn't sit so well in your arteries. And there's a lot of research going on as to exactly the health implications that has, but in a long story short, it increases your bad cholesterol which is LDL and it decreases your good cholesterol which is HDL.

So eliminating transfats is a step in the right direction and some students appreciate the switch. That brings up the so-called 'freshman 15' -the average number of pounds students put on their first year of school, but will losing the trans fats help them lose the weight?

It will help them not die at 50 years old of a heart attack, but as far as the overweight and obesity issue, it's more of a portion factor.