Childress will build a new state of the art jail

It's a first for Texas and about to happen in our area. Childress will soon build a brand new state of the art jail. The official name is Childress County Law Enforcement Center.

It may look like an office building this is the new state of the art jail soon to be built in Childress. It's the first of it's kind in Texas. One major change will be showers in every cell. The spot located in the 10-hundred block of Ave F is empty now but it will be home to the new jail. Once built it will hold 96 beds.  The building is within a building and constructed with steel so it remains secure.

This jail will also have something similar to a sun roof. Parts of the roof will open up to allow sun light and fresh air in for the inmates. The current jail is located on the top floor of the court house. Sheriff Pigg says it will most likely close in a few years so they needed somewhere else to house the inmates. The current budget is about $280,000 a year and that covers staff and housing inmates. If they had to house them out of the county a rough estimate is probably half a million dollars.

The new jail will be good for the county and a good example for rest of the state in case others follow this high tech facility down the road. Sheriff Pigg says county officials will meet with contractors on April 9th to discuss bids on the building. Once a bid is final it will take about 300-400 days to complete the jail. Newschannel 10 will keep you updated once construction begins and when the jail is finished.