Emergency Response to Clovis Tornado

Emergency managment teams are working along side tornado victims helping them to get to the next step of recovery.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg joins us live in Clovis with more on what the emergency response has been like since Friday.

Even before the tornado hit, the City and County Office of Emergency Managment was warning people about the potential danger. Now they're working to get people back on their feet.

"The first 2 days I was in shock, my body was shaking, when is this going to be over, it was a nightmare," says Virginia Jass, a tornado victim.

Jass is one of hundreds who lost their homes in Friday's tornado. Since then she says it's the emergency responders like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army that have given her hope.

"Every evening they're handing out hot meals, they're not just doing a job, they put heart into it, they're real nice," says Jass.

Both agencies are the right and left hands of the Office of Emergency Management that are reaching out to victims - they'll be busy for months to come.

"We're in recovery mode, debris still needs to be cleaned up. This is the worst disaster I've seen in 5 years, lost of people says it's been many years since anything happened like this," says Ken De Los Santos, the Director of Emergency Management.

De Los Santos says the time of day the storm hit coupled with power outaged made it challenging for emergency responders to get to people. But they got to victims as soon as they could.

"As soon as daylight came teams went to survey the damage and do an inital assessment," says De Los Santos.

For people like Jass, that help has been crucial in the road to recovery.

"I'm surprised how much the Red Cross has helped us. We were all sad, but people coming to help us, helps," says Jass.

Jass is one of about 200 people staying in a hotel tonight. The Red Cross is helping every one of they find alternate housing.