Clovis Tornado Aftermath

The Clovis area was hit hard Friday night and the recovery effort continues this evening. 35 people were treated in the plains regional medical center, five of which were admitted. This evening two remain in critical condition

As far as damages right now a reported 490 homes and businesses were damaged and as many as 55 houses were destroyed.

Yucca junior high school was right in the storms path. The school sits at 1500 Sycamore Street, clean up and repair crews are frantically working to fix what was damaged. The brunt of the wicked weather left its mark on the top of the buildings.

Heating and cooling units were tossed from the roof. And they now have to be replaced.The main concern at the school is the electricity. They're hoping to get it back on by Monday, but if they don't they say they will not have school.