Tornado Clean-up Continues

Homes torn apart , cars over thrown, trees in pieces.  Clean-up continues right now in parts of
Eastern New Mexico from the tornados which swept through Friday night. Crews which include  the Red Cross, New Mexico National Guard and New Mexico Department of Transportation are joining in the clean-up efforts  today. They'll focus in Clovis and Logan..... The two places  hit hardest by tornadoes.

Just before noon NewsChannel 10 talked with Clovis city officials who say two people remain in critical condition from  tornado related injures.... It injured 35 other people from that area. Crews also transported three people from Logan to area hospitals.

Officials estimate the tornados damaged over 450 homes in Clovis and 55 in Logan. It also hit several businesses, roads and power lines. Officials say it could take a few days to get all the power back on to the hundreds of people who lost it.

Governor Bill Richardson signed an executive order Sunday. It freed up 750-thousand dollars  in state emergency funds for Curry, Roosevelt and Quay counties. If you'd like to help the victims... Call the Red Cross 505-763-4129 Or... Contact the Salvation Army at 505-762-3801.
Tornado Help
*Red Cross     505-763-4129

*Salvation Army    505-762-3801