Hip Replacement

Recovering from total hip replacement surgery usually takes three to six months.

But a new operating room table could drastically shorten that time.

New cutting-edge technology designed to get you back on your feet fast.

Olga D'Arnaud Gerkens loves to show off her range of motion after surgery to replace her left hip.

The 83-year-old arthritis patient didn't expect to be on her feet so soon after the procedure.

"with my experience of my knee replacements, I knew what I was in for."

But this time doctors used a state-of-the-art orthopedic table made especially for hip and knee replacements.

"This table allows us to do a hip replacement with traditional parts, through a small incision in front of the hip that does not cut any muscle off of the bone."

Imagine the patient lying on her back.

The hana table allows doctors to lower the leg so they can extend the front of the hip forward for easier access.

"The benefit to the patient is less pain because there's much less trauma to the tissue and to the muscle. A faster rehab and recovery cause they don't have to wait for any muscle to heal back to the bone."

The technology also makes it possible to replace both the patient's hips during the same surgery.

"The last patient i did went back to work at the airport in two weeks as a sky captain."

When Olga had her knees replaced, she used a morphine pump for the pain, but not this time.

This time the road to recovery is a lot less painful.