Storm Aftermath in Logan

In the small town of Logan people are starting to come to terms with the damage, after a twister tore through their town.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley continues our coverage of the recent stormy weather and she brings us coverage of the hardest hit homes.

The roof of Dawnique Savala's home was torn off by the tornado. "I was just hysterical. I didn't know it was that bad by looking at the houses down the street with the windows not broken until a few houses down.  It's like it picked and chose what houses it wanted," says Savala.

The Savala's home was one of more than fifty in the small town of Logan that was ravaged by Friday's tornado.  Now friends and family are working around the clock to get their home back in one piece.  Savala adds, "I think we would still be cleaning up if we didn't have so many people helping us out."

Right down the street at the another family, the Jacksons, hit hard was only able to salvage a few belongings after the tornado took them, and their home, apart at the seams.

When asked if she had any clue that the tornado was about to hit Connie Jackson replied, "No warning at all, nothing. There was no sound, people say it sounds like a freight train; we had nothing, no warning." 

The Jacksons were lucky enough to be in the part of the house which was completly spared from the tornado.  Another section was completely destroyed, the roof was torn off and furniture was scattered across the room.

Jackson added, "We put [a] tin ceiling [over our kitchen] for decorative purposes.  The roof is gone, but the suction with the tin kept the wind from sucking me out of the house."

With only a shell of a home left the Jacksons are borrowing a friend's trailer until they can rebuild.  "We'll stay in it until the insurance settles with us and then we'll bulldoze [our old home] and start over...God had His arms around us or we'd be dead.  And we would, ya know...He had his arms around us or we'd be dead," says Jackson.