Pet Food Recall widens as Death toll climbs

The nationwide pet food recall has now expanded to all 95 brands made by the menu foods corporation. 
     They widened the warning after a dangerous rat poison was found in samples of their foods...and it may be to blame for an updated 17 deaths across the country. 
     Newschannel10 has been following this story since the recall began one week ago, and tonight newschannel10's Tina Berasley brings you the latest information. 
      After tests on samples of the recalled pet food lab officials revealed levels of aminopterin were found.
     The drug is used to treat cancer in small doses, and even as a rat poison overseas, but is illegal for that use here at home.
     Now menu foods corporation must try and find out just where the chemical came from.
President and CEO Paul K. Henderson says "Our primary concern at this time is in regard to the product recall and the continued investigation to find out how these products got into our system. The issue of the litigation will follow up in due course. Our principal concern is pet safety and thats where we're focusing our time and attention".
    Henderson believes there hasn't been any overseas tampering, because the food came from plants in the U.S.

Some pets right here in the panhandle may have fallen victim to the poison...Veterinarian Wick Culp says he's had a few patients die of kidney failure, a symptom of aminopterin poisoning. 
He added "A lot of these foods are used as treats and stuff too so a lot of these dogs and cats didn't get it everyday all the time, but some of them did...we've seen a lot of people who've been frustrated thinking they're feeding them a premium diet but now they're finding out otherwise that there's some problems with their particular diet and they thought they were doing the best thing possible for their companion".
     He says the new information is invaluable, it will help his colleagues better identify and treat a stricken animal's sickness, and hopefully save their lives.