Tainted Pet Food Affecting Local Pets

We called every veterinarian in the Amarillo phone book and have found out some animals are suffering with kidneyfailure after eating some of the recalled pet food.

Newschannel Ten's Felicia Lafuente found one woman whose says her cat only has weeks to live... Since eating some of the recalled wet food. Ramona Stich took her cat to the vet on March 13th and was told she had kidney failure.

Three days later, she heard about the 90 brands of menu food that
had been recalled. Her cat's wet food was on that list.
"I was devastated. I was devastated when I found out she had
kidney failure and when I found out about the food Iwas even more
devastated because I feel like it could have been avoided."

90 brands of menu food have been recalled. It is just the wet dog and cat food.
But if your pet has a loss of appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting like Ramona's nine year old cat experienced You should take it to the vet and stop using that brand of pet food.

In Ramona's case, there's nothing more she can do. "She's like a child. I don't have any children and my pets are like my children. She's my favorite cat and it's just going to be very difficult once she's gone and I'm just trying to take it day by day and just enjoy her and spend time with her while I can."

Ramona thinks her cat will only live for another week before they have to put her down. Once that happens, an autopsy will show for for sure if the recalled food did play a role in her death.

According to the Associated Press a spokeswoman for the New York State
Department of Agriculture says rat poison was found in tainted pet
food that killed several animals that sparked the nationwide recall.